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Experienced, Authentic Hip-Hop Instructors 

Our esteemed instructors, true ambassadors of hip hop, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every class. They will guide you through the foundations, techniques, and styles that have shaped the hip hop movement while ensuring that you're connected to the roots of this vibrant culture.


Ages 6-18 & Adult classes

The Underground Dance Company welcomes dancers of all ages and skill levels, providing a nurturing and inclusive space for growth and artistic exploration. Whether you're a beginner eager to discover the essence of hip hop or an experienced dancer seeking to refine your craft, we have the perfect class for you.


Bully-Free Zone, Welcoming all of Central PA

The Underground Dance Company is more than just a studio—it's a tight-knit community. We prioritize creating a safe and inclusive environment where dancers of all backgrounds can thrive and forge lifelong friendships. Through our collaborative projects, workshops, and community events, we encourage our dancers to connect, support one another, and celebrate their shared passion for hip hop

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